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Yazd free gastronomy tour

A Half day tour

We almost start the tour around sunset from Amirchakhmagh square, first we go to a shop to check out local crystal sugar,cubic sugar and … that Yazdi people use with their tea, then we go to oldest sweet shop in Yazd that is working for more than 100 years, in the shop we can try some of the sweets as you wish, afterwards we take a walk in the main street to get to a shop for trying a Yazdi Beverage made of starch which is called Faloodeh, after getting cool by drinking cold Faloodeh we head to Jameh mosque for having Yazdi cake well-known all over Iran, next we can try special, unique Zoroastiran bread that is called Surok (you will love it),  by a short walk we reach to nice, cozy house to have a homemade Shuli (A healthy, pleasant soup), and finally we head to a café in middle of small bazar that we will drink sweet Yazdi coffee listed in the intangible heritage of the Iran.

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